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Behind Black Hollywood

When Ebony asked me to pen a regular column  Behind Black Hollywood,  I was elated. It was the chance to merge my job as an Entertainment Lawyer with my passion for writing, and if you know me, my love for chatting and asking questions.  But more than that, I was excited to be have the chance to highlight the movers, shakers, the doers; people who are behind the scenes, those who bring to life what we see, read or hear in the media. Each person profiled in this column are game changers and quietly (or not so quietly) shifting the landscape of our cultural psyche. 

In my inaugural Behind Black Hollywood column, I profiled Kenya Barris (below), the creator of Black-Ish. Kenya was my client in my former life, when I lived in Los Angeles, who, at the time, was the co-creator of Americas Next Top Model and a writer on several successful shows in Hollywood. What people may not know is that Kenya sold 19 pilots and filmed several series before creating Black-ish. As I like to say, "The Struggle Is Real!" But Kenya's is success story and one that gives back.

In my newest column, I am profiling Jeff Friday, a visionary and founder of the American Black Film Festival, the largest and most successful film fest catering to people of African descent. The festival, borne out of frustration at seeing our lack of our faces in film, is currently in its 19th year and takes place next week June 11-14, 2015 here in New York City. I am honored to serve on the host committee for ABFF and hope that you will join us. Please visit for more information.

As always, thank you for reading!

Peace and Blessings, 

Lisa B

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